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11 Dangers of Excessive Use of Cell Phones

Excessive use of cell phones, Radiation is any form of energy that travels through space as particles or waves. Experts believe that a little radiation is beneficial to humanity, especially in its various applications in medical sciences to diagnose and treat some diseases. However, long-term exposure to radiation can be a serious concern for humans.

Health problems caused by excessive use of mobile phones

Excessive use of (mobile) phones can lead to many health problems in the short and long term. As follows:

Increased stress level:

The high levels of frequencies generated by the cell phone can keep its user on guard with continuous loops and message alerts as well as reminders.

High blood pressure level:

Extensive studies and research show that people who make more than 30 calls a day are prone to significantly higher blood pressure levels. So , Excessive cell phone use leads to high blood pressure levels.

Weakened immunity

The unstoppable habit of touching a cell phone throughout the day can harbor many germs, Thus weakening the natural immune strength of the individual.

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Chronic pain risk:

Constant use of hands and fingers while texting, calling or mailing from a cell phone leads to arthritis which leads to chronic pain in the body.

Serious health risks of excessive cell phone use

Some Serious health risks With Excessive use of cell phones over a long period. Some of them can be summarized as follows:


The findings of the scientists suggested in the national program for toxicology (NTP) in the United States that lifelong exposure to radio frequency from mobile phones could be linked to the formation of some rare types of cancers in the human body.

sleep disturbance:

With cell phones on one side, One is likely to become hypervigilant, And therefore , The period of restless sleep is likely to be disturbed. The bright light emitted by large, high-quality smartphones at night interferes with the body’s natural rhythm causing severe disruption to sleep.

Heart problems:

Although electric fields and magnetism The measurable generated by cell phones does not appear to affect normal heart function, However, those with pacemakers, defibrillators or other devices are at potential risk.

Male infertility problems:

The researchers concluded that males who keep their cell phones close to their testicles are likely to suffer from poor sperm quality. In this way , Men are advised to keep their cell phones out of their trouser pockets.

Hearing impairment:

The most serious health risks resulting from Excessive use of cell phones It is a progressive hearing loss in individuals that occurs over time.

Eye problems:

Excessive emission of radio frequency from mobile phones due to excessive use affects human eyes, Especially the retina and cornea as well as the eye system.

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Skin problems:

Cell phone radiation causes harmful effects on human skin resulting in problems such as dermatitis, crow made, rashes, etc.

In this technology driven world, It is literally impossible to stay away from cell phones. However , Limiting the use of mobile phones to only necessity rather than just a habit can actually do wonders for human health.

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