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4 ways to remove apps that Android phones don’t allow to be uninstalled?

Mobile devices are generally characterized by the presence of a set of pre-installed applications, Which is intended to enable users to perform the most basic functions required to accomplish daily tasks without the need to download additional applications from external sources.

But some users may feel the urgent need to remove the internal applications installed by default, This is due to the fact that it is not used primarily on the one hand, They may also want to uninstall it from their phones as it may free up some memory for other more important and frequently used applications, And also to save from the consumption of their phone battery and the consumption of internet data.

But the default mode of Android phones does not provide users with the ability to remove basic or integrated applications, if you will, Also called bloatware, Because the general mode provided by the collection of mobile devices is to force stop or hide essential applications from only appearing but the uninstall option is not intended for general use.

So if you need to uninstall some applications and are looking for ways to help you in this matter, we will mention in this article some of the ways that you can use to achieve this, namely:

1- Remove apps via google play

Google Play has a section for the apps you use on your phone in general. You can check that you can delete any app you want by going to google play and then manage apps & device to view all apps.

Remove default apps on Android phone

Then search the downloaded applications (installed) for the application you want to uninstall and the possibility of that also through the availability of the uninstall button and activate it to enable the removal.

Remove bloatware from Android phones

2-Install Titanium Backup to remove default apps

Remove apps via titanium backup

Titanium Backup It is an app with more than 10 million installs. It is available in free and pro versions. It gives you the ability to control the removal of applications installed on your Android phone by default.

Its use is very simple, all you have to do is choose the application to be removed from your phone and delete it directly (but you may need your phone to be rooted to give this application permission to remove applications)

Titanium Backup is one of the best Android apps for rooting and also handles all the apps even those you installed manually.

3- Install the application Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall to remove bloatware

Uninstall apps with easy uninstaller app

It is also an app with more than 10 million active downloads and is very simple to use by all Android phone owners

got an app Easy Uninstaller App It also satisfied many of its users by providing the ability to delete virtual programs and games at once without the need to delete them individually. And also for the ability to search for the application to be deleted and find it directly, This is in addition to deleting the date when the apps were removed.

4- System app remover

Remove apps with system app remover

system app remover It is an application that enables you to remove unwanted and default installed applications, It is characterized by providing a protection system for users by sorting and categorizing the most important applications whose deletion may cause a problem in your phone in order to give you an opportunity to actually make sure that they are permanently deleted before actually doing this procedure.

This application also features the feature of transferring applications (apps) from the phone memory to the external memory SD and vice versa.

Previously, we learned about the most popular and used applications on how to remove the built-in core applications that Android phones do not allow to delete directly, Most of the previously mentioned applications require that your Android phone be rooted.

We now leave you the freedom to choose the most appropriate among them, noting that great care is taken while removing applications, And try to take a backup copy of the system applications before you take any action, In order to be able to restore it later and to avoid future problems that may affect the optimal functioning of your phone.

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