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9 secrets you can enjoy in the game PUBG Mobile

9 professional PUBG Mobile game tricks and secrets, PUBG Mobile has become the most popular game in the world. You will find groups of people playing in cafes, on street corners, Everywhere in the world.

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PUBG Mobile is really fun to spend time with friends or take some time at the end of the day. The best thing about PUBG It’s really easy to download as it’s free except for some of its non-compulsory paid tools. The game is an exciting game where the goal is to be the last man standing to win. Although easy to get PUBG , However, it is not easy to win it. there pubg professional secrets Which we will be glad to talk about.

9 Secrets for the pro game PUBG Mobile

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The first two seconds of the game are really important

Where you land gives you a firm footing. If you are a beginner, Stay away from high traffic areas. Anytime you see a large group of buildings, Better not go down there. Instead of that , Go a little further and get off to a smaller settlement. You will still find basic loot and weapons and it will be easier to fend off other players. Start with places like Gatka

Avoid first contact once you land

From pubg tricks and secrets the advice we offer, Avoid First Contact Once you’ve landed, one of the first mistakes you can make is getting into the fight early. If you’ve just landed and heard someone else in the area, Go away and go in another direction.

Keep an eye open for other players

When you explore a new area, Keep your eyes open. If you come into a building with open doors and the ammo is gone, It is possible that there will be someone there. They could be gone by now but you will slowly scream. Likewise, You have to close the doors when you are hiding in a building, or after looting. This gives you an edge and gives you the euphoria of surprise in the game.

A gun may not seem like the best weapon

But for most close fights, especially in the beginning, She really is. Initially , You are often raiding areas and chasing other players, And this is where Venice shines.

Continue to change the shield

Wear the armor in pubg mobile game while participating in combat. It’s best to keep switching when the shield vibrates and decreases, The more protection you get.

Play smart and don’t play in a hurry

From within pubg tricks and secrets Do not rush into battle. take your time. Make sure you choose the right weapon and then go.

Find your powerful weapon and hold on to it

When you play to win, You will need reliable tools. after two games, You will discover the most comfortable gun for you. in every game, Try to find the gun and once you do, stick to it. Even if it means shooting down a more effective weapon.

Get sniper caliber once you get the right weapon, Usually it is self-evident pubg professional secrets It is really important to have a nice caliber and tool. For example : The 4x sniper caliber is very clear and will work miracles.

When in Combat, Go Zigzag

Don’t run in a straight line when you’re under fire. This is a surefire way to kill. Instead of that , Run in a zigzag or random pattern. It will take longer to cover up but your chances of dying are much lower.

When you are caught don’t lie down

When someone shoots from a distance, So what should you do exactly?

Of course you will work to lie on the floor. This is a mistake . The sniper has already recognized you and has a tendency to kill you on the spot!

if i lie down, All they have to do is shoot. Instead of that , when you get stabbed, Follow the tips above. drop weapons, zigzag and run randomly, One of the pubg tricks and secrets .

In this article, we presented secrets pubg professionals And, undoubtedly, these are not all the secrets of the PUBG game, as it is known that the PUBG Mobile game has a lot of arts and secrets.

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