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The best Android launcher apps that won’t suffer from high battery consumption

There is an urgent need to customize the system interface in your Android device to make it more suitable for your multiple needs and easier to accomplish your tasks, A reason for the increasing demand for launcher applications. Launchers are programs for the Android system that change the appearance of the phone system and modify some of its functions. Such as changing the shapes, sizes and locations of application icons and controlling the functions of the phone to make it more suitable for user requirements. Whereas energy saving in mobile phones is a priority, We will provide you with a set of launchers with battery-free features.

1. Power+ Launcher Battery Saver

Power+ Launcher Battery Saver Android Launcher

that Power+ Launcher Battery Saver It is a very simple Android launcher with a lot of great features, Among them is the battery saving feature as it will monitor the apps that are running in the background and use the access feature and then close them. It also deletes the processes running in the background.

Features Power+ Launcher Battery Saver

  • Completely free app without ads or direct purchases from Google Play Store.
  • Its great ability to save energy by analyzing the applications you use, To check for conflicts caused by apps running in the background and draining your Android device’s battery power and resources, and put it into hibernation.
  • Provide energy saving tips through the energy saving suggestions option.
  • Lock screen eco mode to save more battery power while keeping notifications coming.
  • Hibernate the application with one touch.
  • The ability to hide applications to avoid the eyes of the curious.
  • Presenting very funny animations that can be used as phone screen backgrounds.

2. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Android Launcher

Considered Nova Launcher One of the most famous and popular Android launchers because of its various features, Like supports custom themes and icons, dark mode, and advanced gestures. It comes in two versions, one paid and the other free.

Features Nova Launcher

  • It is easy to use and hassle free, which makes it not consume any battery power or device resources.
  • Ability to customize applications by tabs, It also has more than 1000 icons, which enables you to control the shapes and locations of application icons, And adjust the colors in addition to the ability to change the titles of folders.
  • The ability to hide applications by creating a hidden folder.
  • It has the feature of dividing applications by type on the screen for easy access.
  • It is based on the principle of improving productivity and increasing utility at the expense of appearance and aesthetics.

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3. Lean Launcher

Lean Launcher Android Launcher

that Lean Launcher It is an Android launcher that only takes up a small amount of memory. It also gives the screen of your device a look similar to the launcher of the Pixel phone from Android. Lean Launcher has many features like adjustable grid layout, dark mode, Change the shapes of symbols and gestures.

Features Lean Launcher

  • It has a lightweight design that does not consume a lot of device resources.
  • Does not include funky animations to reduce power consumption.
  • It has the ability to manage power issues with Android’s built-in battery tracking and saving features.
  • It has features to add effects such as adding a shadow, changing the shape and color of icons, and controlling the text font.
  • It is relatively small in size, with a size of 3 MB.

4. Alpha Launcher

Alpha Launcher Android Launcher

Prepare Alpha Launcher It is a fast launcher that enables you to customize the screen of your Android device easily and it is free for everyone.

Features Alpha Launcher

  • The application is light and does not take up much storage space and does not affect the performance of the processor.
  • It has the feature of the circular bar that contains all the applications in the phone, With the ability to search for the application by alphabet.
  • It includes a lot of different backgrounds.
  • It has the feature of hiding apps.

5. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher Android Launcher Battery Saver Energy Saver

that Microsoft Launcher It is an Android launcher developed by the famous Microsoft Corporation with an elegant and functional interface. Although it doesn’t offer fancy new features, However, it offers everything an Android user would need in any similar launcher. It helps you to be more productive. You can also customize Microsoft Launcher greatly, allowing you to organize everything on your phone. Plus, a custom feed makes it easy to view your calendar and activate lists and sticky notes on the go. When setting up Microsoft Launcher as your home screen, you have two options: start using your favorite apps or import your existing home screen layout.

Features Microsoft Launcher

  • It works in integration with other Microsoft productivity applications such as To Do app, One Note, and others.
  • News customization feature.
  • Timeline feature that enables you to resume the activities you started between the phone and the computer.

In conclusion, we hope that your familiarity with these launchers will be a reason to make your phone more suitable for your personality and needs.

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