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10 best Android smartphone keyboard apps

Most Android phones come with a default keyboard app preinstalled. But sometimes, Be somewhat limited, It does not contain many advantages. As there are many keyboard applications on the Google Play Store that allow you to set the keyboard on your Android phone, But you should know that they are different in terms of features and performance. There are some keyboard apps that are slow to respond and consume a lot of device resources. You will also find some of them display ads in the notifications list.

And since keyboards can see everything you type from passwords to sensitive information; It is important to have a keyboard that you trust that has a strong history of user security and strong privacy policies. To this end, Today we’re going to highlight the best keyboard apps for Android.

1. SwiftKey

The most popular and used keyboard app, SwiftKey. Which is characterized by high performance in response and fast word prediction, In addition to the feature of correcting wrong words, And its support for the most widely spoken languages in the world. You can also customize the color and size of the keyboard and change the theme. And many other things.

Plus it has advanced technologies that help you with automatic typing and gesture for faster and easier entry and adding common phrases to your dictionary. It can also recognize and adapt your writing style in other applications such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is very safe, It allows you to protect sensitive information while typing, such as login information, credit cards, bank accounts, and more.

2. Fleksy

Fleksy keyboard has support for all the essentials, Including scrolling and gesture controls, web search, GIF animation support, and many premium themes and extensions. Plus, you can shrink or enlarge the keyboard according to your needs. As well as changing colors and layout.

Supports various QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, Dvorak and Colemak keyboard formats, And write in multiple languages, And other distinctive features that contributed to the success of this keyboard on the mobile platform in general.

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3. GO Keyboard

Popular emoji keyboard app, GO Keyboard. It is characterized by an easy-to-use interface with a simple design. And it comes with a unique look with the ability to change it to more than 10,000 keyboard themes. It also features more than 1,600 emoji, And a huge library of GIFs that can be sent and shared directly from the keyboard on social networks.

GO Keyboard also allows you to change the font to various distinct types of fonts included in this keyboard. It supports more than 60 different languages, It also has a feature to predict which words you want to write by just typing the initials.

4. Gboard

The most popular keyboard app without a doubt; It is Gboard from Google which is well known. As this application usually comes installed by default on some types of Android devices. It is one of the best, smooth and easy-to-use apps. It also contains many features such as: The ability to change the keyboard theme, Scroll writing, Gif support, And word prediction feature.

And of course it is backed by the power of the largest search engine in the world, It is a straightforward option built into it to offer more services in one place. It also supports about 300 languages, which makes it the most used keyboard in all parts of the world.

5. Grammarly

The keyboard app provided by the famous Grammarly site is a great choice if you want your writing to be free from spelling and grammatical errors. It integrates with platforms like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many other sites. The app also scans the text for common grammatical errors while explaining all of your mistakes at the same time. The app suggests alternative words that make your text more professional and have more marketing power.

And the Grammarly keyboard app features a simple and smooth interface; As its main goal is to correct grammatical and linguistic errors quickly and without any waiting, This makes it the perfect keyboard for those who want to type quickly and without errors. This unique keyboard has garnered more than 10 million downloads from the Play Store.

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