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Best group video calling apps for desktop, mobile and web

The spread of the Corona virus in the world has changed our daily lifestyle, whether personal or professional. This forced everyone to adapt to the idea of working remotely and communicating with parents through online means of communication. Because of this change, More employees and businesses are relying on group video calling apps to run meetings or finish daily projects. This made major companies and pioneers in the world of social networks to develop new applications for video calls or improve old applications that they had previously provided. And through today’s article, we will show you the best group video calling applications for desktop, mobile and web devices at all.

1. WhatsApp

Best Group Video Calling Apps

It is one of the most popular messaging applications ever. It is used by millions of people around the world. And just to start the call you just need to know the phone number of the person you want to call.

To start a group video call you have two ways, First call one person and then add other contacts to the same call, Second click on the video call button in the group chat and then choose the members you want to add to this call. WhatsApp allows up to four people only in a single video call. Therefore, it has become more reliable in our personal life than in our professional life as it uses as little data as possible and does not depend much on the high quality of the video call.

2. Skype

Best Group Video Calling Apps

It is one of the best and oldest group video calling applications as it has been providing its services since 2003, It is still one of the most important voice and video calling services in the world. And it has already outperformed many famous applications in this field in terms of the number of people participating in one video call for free, That’s up to 50 people in one group video call.

The application also contains many features, One of these features is screen sharing during a call. This makes the communication between the people involved in the call much smoother. As well as the feature to transfer files directly through the application.

In addition to the ability to record calls, To record special moments, jot down key decisions, and use live translation to read the words being spoken.

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3. Zoom

Best Group Video Calling Apps

Zoom is one of the best group video calling apps. It is also the fastest growing application, Where the number of users was approximately 10 million users in November 2019, To increase the number to 300 million users by the end of April this year. One of the reasons for its rapid spread is the many features it offers to its users, for example, The large number of people who can join the meeting at the same time, The Business plan will allow you to hold meetings with up to 300 participants. This is in addition to the features of the application by providing high definition video calling, screen sharing and sending audio files. The only drawback of the free plan is that you get up to 40 minutes for a conference call of up to 25 people.

4. Google Duo

Best Group Video Calling Apps

Although Google Hangouts is one of the best group video calling apps, We chose to highlight the Duo app here because it is newer, elegant and easier to use. All you have to do is register your phone number to start using it. Instead of signing up for a full Google account.

Duo is a very simple group calling app for chatting, It can be up to 12 people in the same video call. This makes it convenient if you want to make a conference call to people on other platforms. Whether they are family members or a small business team.

5. Free Conference

Best Group Video Calling Apps

FreeConference is one of the best free group video calling apps. The application allows you to schedule meetings and send reminders automatically. You can also start meetings immediately if you do not need advance notice. It also offers screen sharing as well as control features like muting callers easily. And you can record the meeting, whether audio or video, and archive it to re-watch it again.

The application offers 1 gigabyte of storage space for saving files and video recordings. The developer is also interested in constantly updating the program to add new tools and features, raise performance, and solve all problems that users encounter.

Thus, we have reviewed in today’s article the most important and also the best group video calling applications for desktop, mobile and web devices.

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