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Best podcast apps for iPhone in 2021

If you are one of the people who are interested in listening to podcasts or you want to enter this unique world through your iPhone and are looking for the best podcast applications that you can download and use on your phone, the matter is simple and does not require complicated steps, All you need is a convenient application to download and listen to various podcasts.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best iOS podcast apps for iPhone. Mentioning the features and pros of each application and the distinctive tools that it offers to users. Each app has its own strengths and no one is perfect so it’s up to you to choose the one that is right for you.

What is a podcast for iPhone?

If you have no idea what the term podcast refers to, The podcast is a new trendy term, which is an abbreviation of two English terms, “Ipod”; It is a well-known old iPod that specializes in listening to music from Apple, The second term is “broadcast”, which means broadcasting.

The term refers to all kinds of videos and audio clips that you can download online or listen to directly. It’s similar to the traditional radio we all know except that in podcasts you can download audio files and listen to them whenever you want.

The podcast on the iPhone, like others on smart phone devices, refers to an application specialized in downloading, watching or listening to different podcast channels around the world.

Best podcast apps for iPhone in 2021

We have collected in our next golden list the best podcast applications that work on the iOS system of iPhone devices. As mentioned earlier, there is no perfect app for all users. It depends on your own taste and what you think is right for you. However, the apps that we are going to mention in our list have the most popularity and the best features among all types of podcast apps.

Castro . app

Best podcast apps for iPhone

The first app in our featured list, This application allows you to like podcast channels of other users around the world, In addition to programming the automatic download of new podcasts in the channels you subscribe to. This feature is useful if you subscribe to a podcast channel that releases daily audio or video episodes. The app alerts you to the release of the episode and allows you to download the episode to listen to it later.

Another feature that the application also provides is the ability to improve audio files that are in mp3 format, By uploading it to I CloudDrive.

The app is generally free. However, to unlock all the features and tools within the application, you need to subscribe to the paid version, which amounts to $18.99, Among the tools you will get are:

  • A tool to cut the silent parts of the audio clips (such as there are moments of silence within the audio file when the presenter does not speak, then the application will cut these parts automatically and remove them) to save you time.
  • Sound enhancer and background noise filtering tool, Such as car sounds, or any other type of unwanted noise that is in the background of the audio file.
  • Night mode feature and custom app icons feature, Which enables you to choose the shape of the application icons as you want, And many other features that are worth subscribing to the paid version.

To download the application via the App Store through this link .

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Apple Podcasts app

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It is the basic application that comes with all iOS devices and one of the best podcast applications for iPhone, The application is the favorite of many because of its basic features and its simple method of use. In addition, it comes free with iPhone devices and there is no need to download a separate application or subscribe to the paid versions at all.

The app includes more than a million channels to follow around the world with more than 30 million audio and video clips that you can follow. In addition, the application allows you to download audio clips to listen to them without the need for an Internet connection, It is an essential feature for many.

One of the most prominent features of the application is the ability to sync it with the smart assistant Siri application on iPhone devices. You can ask Siri to make suggestions about the best channels to listen to through the Apple Podcasts app. With the ability to browse channels easily and smart search tools to find channels that match the category you want.

The application, as we mentioned, is mainly present on iPhone devices, so there is no need to download or install it from any other source.

Spotify app

Best podcast apps for iPhone

Another strong candidate for the heart is the best podcast apps for iPhone, It has the second largest market share for podcast applications operating on the iOS system. Spotify is a music app in general, but it has invested heavily in podcasting. So most of the users use it to listen to their favorite podcasts.

Although the features and tools that the application provides for podcasting are modest and do not reach the great advantages offered by the two previous competitor applications, However, the huge and dense content of audio and video materials is sufficient to make up for this deficiency. The company spends a lot of money to constantly support its app’s podcast content.

The application is completely free, but it includes some ads that may be annoying for some, And if you want to get rid of these ads, you have to subscribe to the paid version of the application and the value of the subscription to it is $ 10 per month.

To download the application from the App Store via this link .

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This was our featured list, which included 3 of the best and most popular iPhone podcast apps, And while there are dozens of other good apps too, However, we have chosen the elite applications so that you do not get lost in the alleys of many applications, and we have presented in your hands the best of them, It is of course up to you to choose the right application for you.

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