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How to fix cellular network not working on Android phones

Phone calls are the soul of smartphones, and for that, they were made. No matter how advanced these phones are and their multiple functions and features, Making phone calls is the cornerstone for building the phone system in general and smartphones in particular. Any defect such as the cellular network not working is enough to stop our communications and our important work, on which many aspects of our lives depend. Hence, all repairs had to be made to solve this worrying problem.

Solutions to stop cellular network from working on Android phones

You can fix the cellular network stuck on your device by following some simple steps:

cellular network stopped
  • Reboot your device as an initial step that will fix any technical problems of the device, as it simply ensures better performance of the phone, When the phone restarts, everything in the RAM is cleaned, all parts of the previously running applications are removed, and all currently open applications are stopped, which enhances the performance of the operating system and fixes common application problems including the cellular network has stopped working.
  • Verify that the Airplane mode is turned off Because activating the flight mode stops the communication with the cellular network, which is a simple procedure. All you have to do is go to the status bar, a shortcut to Airplane Mode. Then, make sure to turn it off.
  • Make sure that a network is available on your phone by looking for signal strength in the status bar, as weak signal strength may be the reason. You can also move from where you are to look for a stronger signal; The problem may be in the towers in your area.
  • Check the network automation by going to Settings > Wireless and network settings > Mobile networks > Network operators > Auto network search option.
cellular network stopped
  • Select the network on your mobile manually, as your device may be connected to a different network, causing you to lose the connection to the cellular network. This is done by going to Settings > Network and Internet Settings > Mobile Network > Advanced Options > Network. Manually select the service provider your SIM is registered with.
  • Activate data roaming as this feature enables you to use mobile data when traveling to a different area. Your mobile may disable the cellular network when roaming due to the possibility of high mobile charges. Therefore, activating mobile data will enable you to get the benefits of your carrier, voice, and messaging services, And activating data roaming is by going to Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > Enable roaming to turn on this feature.

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  • Remove the SIM card and reinsert it back into the phone since it is the base of the cellular network; any problem in it in terms of size or instability in its place may lead to the suspension of the cellular network by turning off the phone via the power button and then removing the SIM card gently and then putting it back in its place and restarting the device again.
  • Use the hidden Android test menu to solve the radio signal issue, as the test menu is a hidden feature that allows you to make complex changes to your device settings. By changing the radio signal settings in the test menu, your device will connect to the closest possible network by dialing *#*#4636#*#*, then pressing “Testing Menu” and then phone information. Then run Ping Test, then select PRL GSM Auto, then turn off the radio. Then restart.
  • Update the operating system in the phone, as these updates have fixes for system problems, enhancing the reception of your phone’s signal by pressing Settings, then About Device, then System Update, then searching for updates.
  • Change the battery as it may be damaged and cause a cellular network problem on your phone because it is constantly getting hot due to the amount of heat the phone is generating.
  • Perform a factory reset by going to Settings > Restore and settings > Factory data reset. This step solves most of the technical problems that the device is exposed to, as it may have a defect that disrupts its mobile connection. In this process, you will lose all your data, So make a backup before doing this step.
  • If all your attempts to solve the cellular network stopped working on your Android device have failed, It is time to take your device to the service center for error correction by a professional.
cellular network stopped

We hope our solutions will put your cellular network and mobile devices back on track. Forgetting to make phone calls has many serious consequences. One call can save a life, and it is the most important thing that can be done.

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