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Choosing the best audio codec for bluetooth and how to change it on Android devices

Perhaps technical development is not limited to mobile phones only, Rather, it includes various accessories that support the work of the device, such as portable chargers, wireless chargers, and external flashes. Which supports visual content such as camera lens attachments, audio content such as wired and wireless earbuds, and many other amazing accessories. In today’s article, we will discuss wireless earbuds and how to improve the sound quality in them.

The difference between how wired and wireless earbuds work

Bluetooth Audio Codec

· wired earbuds

These are the headphones that transmit sound from your mobile phone to your ear via wires through the 3.5 mm headphone jack that is compatible with your Android phone. The transmission of sound through wires is very fast and smooth, which provides high sound quality commensurate with the quality of the audio files you are listening to.

· Wireless bluetooth earbuds

These are the headphones that work without wires. It transmits the audio from your mobile phone to your ear by encoding the audio from the phone and then transmits it to the earphones via Bluetooth. Which, in turn, decodes the audio data according to an audio codec and transmits it to your ear at a super-fast speed that does not exceed one microsecond. But this process affects the sound quality. Hence audio codecs play the most important role in the wireless audio experience to improve the sound quality of Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth audio codecs

Bluetooth technology relies on specific software or “code” that compresses data from the source device to transmit it wirelessly quickly and smoothly. Then it decompresses the data on the earphone or speaker. Different codecs work differently. And some newer and more advanced codecs that are able to transmit more packets of data more efficiently. We are going to mention some good software for bluetooth audio encoding on Android.

Bluetooth Audio Codec

1. codec Bluetooth sub or default SBC

It is the most common codec and is considered a global standard found in most Bluetooth devices. As most smartphones and wireless audio devices support this codec and have low power consumption, With the A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile capable of transmission rates of up to 328 kbps with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz. It provides fairly good audio quality without requiring a lot of processing power to encode or decode. However, Sound quality can be inconsistent at times especially with poor wireless headphones.

2. bluetooth codec aptX

It is a proprietary, optional codec that is ideal for demanding audio applications. Because it encodes audio more efficiently and at a slightly higher rate than SBC. There are two variants of aptX (LL) and aptX HD, This greatly reduces communication latency or improves sound quality. However, It is a bit limited because both the bluetooth transceiver must have the same aptX or its variations for the codec to work properly.

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3. Advanced audio codec AAC

It is an advanced audio codec similar to SBC but with better sound quality. Capable of transmitting detailed sound without compromising sound quality due to compression, This codec is very popular in Apple’s iTunes and some other non-wireless applications. However, It is not very common, Especially for headphones.

4. codec LDAC

It is an audio coding technology that enables transmission of high-resolution audio content. By connecting Bluetooth unlike other Bluetooth-compatible coding technologies such as SBC, It works without passively converting high-resolution audio content. It also allows transferring nearly three times more data than other technologies via the Bluetooth wireless network and with unprecedented sound quality. This is done through efficient coding and optimal packaging. It has three modes: normal contact, and priority.

  • in normal mode, The data transfer rate is up to 660 kbps.
  • in online mode, The data transfer rate is up to 330 kbps.
  • in priority mode, The data transfer rate is up to 990 kilobits per second.

Choosing the Best Audio Codec for Bluetooth

Codecs are algorithms that compress data for easier and faster transmission. Better encoding and decoding algorithms mean lower transmission loss which can help with audio quality. We’ve noticed that codecs have a greater impact on latency than on audio quality. And since companies don’t play a good role when it comes to displaying and customizing Bluetooth codecs, So you need to take the following points into account:

  • Revealed a test conducted by SoundGuys Both aptX and SBC codecs outperform LDAC when it transfers data from your phone to the earbuds in online mode (ie 330 kbps) which is the default.
  • AAC is a power-intensive codec with sometimes unstable transmission quality. Especially on Android smartphones.
  • You have to choose which codec your earphones support, Many affordable earphones support AAC codec apart from SBC, Manually switching to AAC may improve the sound quality on the earbuds. Since AAC is a more advanced codec than SBC for high-end earphones, Switching to Qualcomm aptX or Sony LDAC will greatly improve the sound quality. While aptX will be activated automatically on many Android smartphones, LDAC must be activated manually in most cases.

How to change bluetooth audio codec on devices Android

Since some codecs may be more sophisticated than others, Changing the program may effectively contribute to improving the sound quality. Where Android phones support changing the audio codec manually, according to the following method:

  • Go to Settings on your Android device.
  • Click on System.
  • Choose an option about phone.
  • Click Generate Number seven (7) times.

Bluetooth Audio Codec

  • Go back to the System page and click on Developer options.
  • Click Bluetooth Audio Codec, This will reveal the available codecs supported by your device.
  • Select the Bluetooth audio codec of your choice.

Bluetooth Audio Codec

Both the proper bluetooth audio codec and the good quality of the earphones, In addition to the quality of the audio files contributes to improving the quality of the audio, And make wireless headphones the best choice for listening to audio files.

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