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Comparing Samsung Cloud And Huawei Service Cloud Storage In Google Drive

Google Drive has been the standard cloud service for smartphones running on the Android operating system until now. But how long? The online storage device Google Drive is pre-installed on many mobile phones or can be conveniently downloaded as an app from the Google Play Store. But HUAWEI and Samsung, the two industry giants between smartphone manufacturers, now offer their own cloud services for online storage and file sharing. The services of the new cloud providers are pretty similar to those of Google Drive right now, but with these two new storage services, innovation is only a matter of time.

Which cloud service currently offers the best in comparison? Is it worth using multiple cloud or online storage at the same time? We have the provider overview and explain it to you.

Samsung Cloud – 15GB storage for files with access to all kinds of features

The new provider Samsung is providing 15GB of start-up capital to its new customers who purchase smartphones or tablets in the cloud. The Samsung Cloud cloud service can be used to synchronize appointments and tasks in the digital workspace, manage files such as addresses, pictures and videos, add notes and voice memos, and of course make S-Note entries.

Samsung Cloud also remembers web bookmarks, saved pages, and open tabs – a practical feature that only cloud provider Samsung offers to its users through its cloud service. The Microsoft Windows Store also includes ‘Gallery’, a Samsung app that gives its users exclusive access to images and videos in the Samsung Cloud.

With Samsung Cloud Drive, the user can also use 15 GB of storage to store files, as is known from other online hard drives. Up to 2GB of data per day can be quickly and easily shared with other users via the online service. To do this, the user securely and efficiently sends short-term links to a single recipient or several users.

For safe storage of files and emergencies during data recovery, you can enable data backup in the settings of the Samsung Cloud cloud service. Samsung cloud stores app data, device data, messages, documents and music as well as contacts and calendars in a very secure manner, which provides flexible access to the user. If necessary, this data can be easily restored even on a new mobile device like the brand new Galaxy Note 20. Photos and files stored in Samsung Cloud can be accessed via a browser when the mobile phone is not at hand. Backups can also be managed via the browser.

Samsung Cloud Service – Targeted comparison of cost and benefits of cloud storage

15 gigabytes of storage is standardized on Samsung Cloud for free. If this storage is too scarce for you, you will need to expand it for a fee. 50 GB of new storage costs 0.99 euros per month, 200 GB is 2.99 euros per month with service provider Samsung.


HUAWEI Cloud – 5GB free storage with server location in EU

By comparison, only manageable 5GB of free online storage is donated by the provider HUAWEI to new smartphone customers, including its subsidiary brand HONOR. A prerequisite for this is the purchase of a model with the Android operating system EMUI installed from version 5.1 of HUAWEI.

Online storage A perhaps somewhat surprising feature of HUAWEI Cloud is the accessed server location. This cloud server – like the planned European supercloud Gaia-X – is located in the EU. For enterprise customers of the online service, this is an important prerequisite for GDPR compliant use of the HUAWEI cloud.

The storage of the HUAWEI cloud can be used as a classic online hardware. Drive for Photos and Videos, but other files also find a safe place in the cloud of provider HUAWEI. HUAWEI’s cloud storage is also popular for automatically storing and creating device backups and syncing contacts, appointments and access data.

Access to cloud storage is not only possible with mobile phone and tablet, the stored data can also be accessed worldwide via a browser. Unfortunately, access only works to a limited extent here. It is quite difficult to transfer or save data from a computer to a smartphone.

HUAWEI Cloud – Our comparison of costs and benefits of storage

If Device backups are also stored in the cloud while at HUAWEI, 5 gigabytes of free cloud storage is quickly available. Cloud upgrade is required. Migration to 50 gigabytes of cloud storage in the HUAWEI cloud costs a symbolic penny in the first month, after which the price is 0.99 euros per month.

huwaei cloud

Google Drive – 15GB free cloud Storage with comprehensive web-based toolset

The provider Google base storage is generous in direct comparison to its competitors. The group can afford it, too. 15GB of storage is available for free from the start from the Google Drive cloud storage system. And here it does not matter from which manufacturer the smartphone came from. The only requirement to use the Google Drive storage service is the associated application, which can be installed at any time via Google Play.

However, it is important to be careful when saving and creating a data backup. Here Google Drive functionality is limited to mobile phones or models of Google. These devices operate under the Nexus and Pixel brands. Google will launch the new Pixel 4 in mid-October. Backed up data can only be stored and restored in the cloud with Android smartphones of these two brands.

A private cloud feature of Google Drive is the extensive web-based applications that the provider offers to its users for free. This includes the entire office suite Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and image processing and Google Photos management where users can easily manipulate their files in any format.

Almost any folder on PC or Mac can be synced to Google Drive cloud storage via ‘Backup & Sync’ provider software. You can access files from anywhere and with any device, through apps and even through a web browser. Sharing files is also simple. You should take into account that with Google Drive’s storage, the provider also takes into account emails stored in Gmail. Based on usage behavior, this significantly reduces cloud storage.

Google Drive – costs and benefits for online storage

Google will also expand the storage space to the provider of course. Upgrading from 15GB of standard storage to 100GB costs 2.99 Euros per month for 200GB and 1.99 Euros per month. XL packages of up to 20 terabytes are also available. For this, the Google service estimates 199.99 euros per month. This may sound like a lot at first, but it allows files created by a small or medium company to be conveniently and easily managed through Google Drive online storage. google drive cloud

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