Indigo has just signed a contract with Electra to install 150 kW fast-charging stations in the underground parking lots of several major French cities.

While the electric car market is becoming more and more important, and the range of connected models is growing every year, public authorities are looking into the development of the charging station network, even though the infrastructures are still sometimes too few. Fortunately, the situation is constantly improving, with the arrival of new players in the field. Ionity is one of them, but not the only one.

Indeed, many companies have been created recently, in order to meet a growing demand from motorists, who need more and more recharging solutions. This is the context in which Electra was born, a young company founded in 2021 that specializes in the development and implementation of charging stations for electric vehicles, particularly in public parking lots.

A large-scale partnership

The young company is very promising and has joined forces with the Indigo group, the world leader in parking, to make its charging stations available to electric car owners and drivers. Over the next few months, the two partners aim to deploy their first 10 charging hubs. These will be located in Paris, but also in other major cities throughout France.

As Indigo states in its press release, Electra will be responsible for equipping ten or so underground parking lots with fast charging stations with a maximum power of 150 kW. In total, no fewer than 225 spaces will be equipped, in addition to the standard offer already provided by Indigo through its “Park and Charge” services. These charging stations will be accessible to all, individuals and professionals alike.

An optimal user experience

Powered solely by green energy, these charging stations will also be available for use by cabs and VTCs, as well as car-sharing drivers, among others. In order to offer an optimal experience, Indigo and Electra have set up the possibility to reserve a spot in advance, so as not to be caught unprepared when arriving at the destination and to be able to plug in their electric vehicle with peace of mind.

The driver will be directed to the nearest charging station that is most adapted to his car, and will be able to pay very simply, thanks to the Electra application, but also with a charging card or a traditional bank card. All this at a fixed price, displayed at €0.44/kWh including tax.

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