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Features of the Opera Mini browser for Android and iPhone smartphones with a download link

Internet browsers are the most important tools that users rely on to access the Internet. But most of the time, while using these browsers, users encounter some problems that will affect browsing the Internet optimally. Therefore, we find ourselves constantly searching for the best browser that will give us optimum and secure performance at the lowest cost with the continuous support from the developers of that browser. Through today’s article, we will review the browser closest to achieving optimal performance in surfing the Internet.

Opera Mini – Opera mini .. It is the best browser for optimal Internet browsing for Android and iPhone smartphone users. It is characterized by many important characteristics and features such as being a light and secure browser that does not consume much internet data, which made it widely spread, especially among users of Android phones, where the browser does not take up much space on the phone. During the coming lines, we will explain all the important information about that browser, including features, settings, and a comparison between it and the Opera browser with the link to download it.

Features and reasons why Opera Mini is the best browser

  • Free VPN Feature: If you are interested in privacy while browsing the Internet, this feature allows you to browse the Internet smoothly with a high degree of privacy. It prevents any party from spying and snooping on you during your use. It also helps to bypass the entry bans to different websites that may be imposed by the countries or the websites themselves. Opera Mini is the first browser to offer this feature for free. Therefore, it is the most secure browser for users.
  • Ad blocking feature: One of the most annoying problems for Internet users is the appearance of a lot of ads while browsing. Opera Mini addresses this problem definitively by blocking ads automatically without downloading any add-ons or extensions to get rid of ads, All you have to do is activate the ad blocking feature from within the browser.
  • Sync feature: Opera Mini offers the ability to sync with all types of devices regardless of their operating system, allowing the user to access bookmarks and open tabs through other devices owned by the user.
  • Night mode feature: Opera Mini is one of the first browsers to provide a night mode feature so that the screen is dark during the night in order to protect the user’s eyes.
  • Favorite sites feature: Through this feature, the user can choose his favorite sites that he uses continuously and puts them on the home screen of the phone.
  • Do Not Track Feature: With this feature, the site itself cannot remember the user’s access to it. This browser also has a high degree of privacy as it contains special tabs that do not remember the sites the user has accessed.
  • File upload delay feature: Opera Mini gives you the ability to postpone downloading files until you turn on the Wi-Fi, Once the Wi-Fi is turned on, the browser will remind you to download this file. The file download process is very easy.
  • Full screen feature: Through this feature, you can watch videos and multimedia in full screen size.
  • Battery saving feature: Through this feature, Opera Mini offers a terrible solution to the problem of the device’s energy consumption by the Internet. When the user uses the browser through the device’s battery without connecting it to the charger, the browser will switch to power saving mode if the user activates it from within the settings. And through this feature, you can browse for 50% longer than traditional browsing.

In addition to the advantages we have provided over the browser, It comes with a great design and is very comfortable for the user, In addition to all the aesthetic touches that you can add to the site, such as themes and backgrounds.

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Disadvantages of opera mini browser

This browser has some minor flaws, including:

  • It is difficult with the Opera Mini browser to download videos from non-original sites.
  • The Opera Mini browser does not support Flash and therefore cannot deal with some multimedia sites that are relatively old, Also, children’s game sites.
  • The Opera Mini browser does not allow the user to interact with the forums or paste topics into them.

The difference between Opera browser and Opera Mini browser

With Opera browser and Opera Mini browser, Users often ask what is the difference between the two types of browsers, For this reason, we will explain the differences between them in a simple way.

  • Browser interface: Opera Mini browser has a flexible and easy to use interface unlike Opera browser which has a slim interface.
  • Storage space: The Opera browser takes up a large amount of storage space from the device, unlike the Opera Mini browser.
  • Reduce data consumption: Opera browser does not have a data saver that works automatically, Rather, you have to enable this option manually from the settings, and after you do this step, the Opera browser will display the pages using the same compression technology that the Opera Mini browser uses.

Opera mini browser settings

Opera Mini contains important settings that make it work with a high degree of efficiency and at the same time saves energy and Internet consumption, among these settings:

  • Change the theme in Opera Mini: The color and shape of the Opera Mini browser can be changed, To access this feature, click on the settings, then click on the theme, and then choose the color you want.
  • Night mode feature: To activate this feature, go to Settings, then Night Mode, and then click Activate. This feature helps you to protect your eyes while browsing in any weak or dim lighting.
  • The feature of maintaining internet consumption: This setting is one of the most important and best settings on the Opera Mini browser, through which you maintain Internet consumption, whether you are browsing using mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  • Incognito browsing: To activate this feature, click on the box next to the plus sign to browse the open sites, then click on “Private” at the top of the page. Then click on the plus sign again to open the site in incognito mode.

How to download videos in Opera Mini browser

In order to download a video through Opera Mini, all you have to do is browse sites that display videos, such as YouTube. And if the system asks you how to play the video, is it through YouTube or another application, choose the Opera Mini application and you will find a pop-up window for downloading, Just click on save to save the video to the folder you want on your device.

Opera mini download link

The Opera Mini browser is available on the two most popular smartphone platforms Android And the Iphone You can download it on your phone and enjoy one of the best smartphone browsers. Thus, we have reviewed through the article most of the important information about the best Internet browser, which is Opera Mini.

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