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How to keep your Android phone and its apps up to date

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It is no secret that Android phones are widely known, its highest market share among all competitors; In fact, it is the most widespread and used around the world, outperforming its competitor iOS. One of the most important reasons for the spread is the companies’ interest in the satisfaction of their customers by always providing the best through devices with powerful hardware and an integrated system. The operating system is an essential thing that is used to gain customer satisfaction through continuous updates to it that are released by phone manufacturers. So today we will learn about the most important ways in which you can update the Android system on your phone to ensure that you always get the most important features.

But why is it important for your phone to have the latest available update?

In fact, most of the updates that experts work on, These are very important security updates. And not just to provide improvements and new services. Updates are issued to fill security holes through which hackers can access sensitive information or even hack the entire Android phone. Therefore, not following up on updates and installing them as they are released; It may leave your phone vulnerable to hacks due to unsealed security holes. That is why it is always recommended to update the Android system in addition to updating the applications that are no less important than the system as well, As soon as any new version is released to always protect the phone and also to get the latest and latest features.

How to update Android system

When a new Android update is released, The first to receive it are the Pixel phones from Google, and then, Updates are rolled out at different times for the rest of the device, which varies by manufacturers. Usually, phone companies release schedules that show when their phones will get new updates. in general, The more recent your device, You will get the update faster. If you have a very old phone, You may not get an update at all.

In addition to the full new versions of the operating system, Google – the company responsible for Android updates – also offers periodic small updates to the operating system that often contain fixes for errors that may occur as a result of glitch in previous updates, Or it may contain security updates designed to fill in dangerous vulnerabilities that cannot be delayed. Which also makes these updates very important.

If you have seen news about an Android update in your phone or received a notification from your phone system informing you that there is a new version available for your device, Updating it is easy and simple. To update, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your phone battery is full.
  • Connect your device to a WiFi network.
  • Go to phone settings.
  • Choose About Phone.
  • Click on “System Update”.
  • Click “Install” to update the Android system if an update already appears.
  • on the same page, You may also see a button to turn it on that will give your phone permission to automatically download updates over Wi-Fi when they are available. We recommend that you leave this option enabled in order to receive future updates automatically.
Android system update

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How to update apps on Android

App updates are just as important as updating the Android system. It also offers exactly the same features by filling in security holes and offering features and improvements. In order to update Android phone applications, There is no better and safer way than to use the main Android App Store; a store http://play.google.com Play . Google ensures that there are no malicious or exploitative applications on its market, due to its constant examination of all applications on it. Therefore, updating from the Play Store is the best way in terms of security when you compare it to using any external sources that may carry many malicious viruses and malicious applications designed to steal your phone information.

In order to update the applications through the Play Store, you must first enter it, and click on your name icon in the upper right corner, You will find the “My apps and games” option, click on it and you will find the applications that need to be updated, Just click “Update All”.

Android system update

You can also activate the automatic update option by pressing your name icon in the upper right corner, and select “Settings”, Then click on “Automatically update apps”. Then you can choose whether you want the apps to be updated automatically over Wi-Fi only. Or via phone data as well.

Android system update

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