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iCloud login from Android and transfer all your data

If you want to login to iCloud from Android easily and you don’t know how to do it properly, we’ll help you today with that. Knowing how to log into iCloud from Android will help you in one case. is to get a new Android phone.

Sign in to iCloud from Android to browse email

Android app works as an app that simulates email for the first time. you have to be on your way to Apple ID page page and log in with your account. Now before eventually to “Management”, and then “Safety”.


After breaking the firewall on Android, you have to do your job which indicates that Android is required to facilitate its work. you want to transfer.

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Sync contacts between iCloud and Android phone

To do a transfer stored on iCloud, first, you must log in to iCloud from the browser on your Android phone, and then choose contacts you want to transfer.

By clicking on ⚙️ to bring up the “Export as VCF file” option; Download the contacts file to your phone. You can just click on the downloaded file and it will be updated to your Android phone.

Sync appointments from iCloud

If you frequently use the iCloud calendar service to organize your appointments and times to prevent forgetting anything important; You may want to transfer those appointments all at once to your new Android phone.

and to do it easily, we recommend that you download an app Sync to iCloud, which logs into your iCloud account. and then it downloads all stored appointments.


Access to iCloud notes

Notes are important things that anyone wants to get access to. This is what it saves These notes are on iCloud from an Android phone; It is via the browser.

And to do so, First, Telephone number, Telephone number, or a Mac computer to browse the note from the phone and this is done by entering the settings, and choose “iCloud”. Then turn on the button next to the “Notes” option.


After giving permission to browse notes from your Android phone, you can sign in to (Chrome) and log in to show the option of


transferring photos and videos from iCloud to Android.

Photos and videos are some of the most important things to transfer to your new Android phone from the old phone. If your photos and videos were on iCloud, the only way to transfer it is by logging into your Android phone and upload them all to the phone.


Transfer music to an Android phone

In case you are one of those who have their own playlist for iPhone, no matter how you keep your music on your iPhone whether iTunes or iCloud; Use Apple Music. Where you can sync music on it; then you can download Special Edition from it on Android, and enjoy on your new phone your favorite music.

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