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Link to download the mobile number locator program for iPhone and Android

Many of us want to stay informed of the smartphone without even being near it, so I offer you an explanation about the mobile number locator program for iPhone and Android. The reasons why people do this are varied; Some of them want to protect the iPhone or Android when it is stolen, Some of them want to monitor other people’s phones, such as young children and other family members. The reason may be security, such as matters that go into the work of the police, investigation and espionage. Whatever the reason, there are many programs that do this task, Therefore, we will provide you with a link to download the mobile number locator program for iPhone and Android.

1. Xnspy

The first program with us on the list of GPS and monitoring software is Xnspy, Which is one of the popular programs in this area. It is a starter that works on the three platforms: IPhone And the Android And the The web . It provides many advanced spying features through which it can monitor smartphones without even the owners’ knowledge. As it allows first listening to the surrounding sound of the phone and recording it completely, in order to access it at any other time.

Also, through Xnspy, you can access all conversations, photos, videos and all multimedia related to chat programs such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and others. Via Xnspy, you can also get the full browsing history and all the tabs saved in the browser. In addition to knowing the installed applications, And prevent any unwanted application from being installed.


2. Highster mobile

Another prominent surveillance program is that allows phones to be monitored by children, spouses, or co-workers without their knowledge. To obtain this program, you must log in to the site Highster mobile , And then purchase the program according to one of the existing plans. After completing the purchase, an email will be sent to you bearing a link to download the GPS program with the mobile number for iPhone and Android. Then, you will start monitoring all the victim’s phone data and reviewing it through the control panel on the main site.

The program is easy to use and uncomplicated, it only takes a few minutes to install and it will be ready to monitor all activities of the smartphone it is installed on. It provides access to text messages, GPS locations, photos, and video records. In addition to the call logs of the monitored device. Through it, it can also access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and other social media programs. It also collects information regarding all sent and received emails, installed apps, and calendar activities. And the best part is that you can get your money back in case you don’t like the program within 30 days

Highster mobile

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3. Flexispy

Another professional program that will make it easy to fully monitor any smartphone. Also, many consider Flexispy one of the most powerful mobile number locator programs for iPhone and Android. However, the purchase price for its features is more expensive than other competing programs. However, it is worth the amount that will be paid for because it provides advanced features that are not found in other similar programs in the market. Here is the download link for Flexispy mobile number locator For iPhone And the Android And the Computers And the IPad .

Flexispy allows the ability to monitor and record all incoming and outgoing calls, Even listening directly to it while it is happening. It also allows identifying specific contacts that the program alerts you when they connect with the device that you are monitoring, To be able to listen live to the call. Likewise, You can select specific contacts to receive a notification when the person whose smartphone is being monitored has their messaging. Not to mention, of course, the many other features that Flexispy has in terms of positioning, accessing all kinds of multimedia, and controlling social media programs.

4. iKeyMonitor

IKeyMonitor has additional features that are different from its competitors. It is basically a program to monitor clicks and know everything that is being clicked on the phone, Whether from opening programs, writing, or anything else. Best of all, It offers a trial period of 3 days during which you can check out the full features of the program before purchasing it. So it is considered iKeyMonitor One of the most important programs used in downloading the mobile number locator program.

IKeyMonitor has a “parental control” feature that allows you to restrict access to certain programs that are harmful to children. And record sounds from around the phone. In addition to the ability to take screenshots of the monitored phone and save it, So that the child does not delete anything from his phone. IKeyMonitor also allows monitoring and saving all browsing logs and the websites accessed. And block unwanted websites. Finally, through this program, it is possible to operate the camera remotely and record everything that is going on around the smartphone without the knowledge of the person being watched.


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