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Solutions to the problem of not showing notifications on Android phones

Smartphones have not reached this degree of control over many areas of our lives until they have provided us with many impressive features and characteristics. It was notices Android status bar The best example of smart and easy technology for the user, as it saved him time and effort to accomplish his tasks. The lack of notifications on Android phones is a major reason for the loss of some of these features for smartphones; It was necessary to find a solution to this problem through this article.

Solutions for notifications not appearing on Android phones

There are several solutions to the problem of not showing notifications on Android phones that can be tried, which is next:

  • Reboot the device: It is the first effective step to solve many technical problems. The problem of notifications not showing up is one of those problems. When the device is restarted, the RAM is cleaned, improving its performance and fixing common application problems.
  • Check your notification settings: This is by checking all permissions to access notifications in applications. You can do this by going into the settings> Apps and notifications> See all apps by tapping on each app, accessing notifications, and making sure they are enabled.
  • Deactivate Do Not Disturb Mode: It is the customized version of the silent mode. Since the phone is in Do Not Disturb mode, it will be on silent mode, and notifications will stop. Therefore, you will not see any incoming alerts. So you have to turn off Do Not Disturb mode. This is done by going into the settings> Sounds and notifications> Do Not Disturb Mode> Deactivate Do Not Disturb Mode.
  • Disable data saving feature for apps: It is a feature that leads to saving data consumption on Android; this reduces the consumption of the Internet package. This feature also prevents some apps from running in the background when you don’t need them. In order not to consume data to send their notifications and updates, Thus, the solution to the problem of notifications not appearing is to turn off the data saving mode by entering the settings> Applications> Select the app whose notifications are not showing> Battery saving> Select No Restrictions.
  • Canceling the adaptive battery feature: It is a modern feature that temporarily stops applications that you do not use to conserve battery power, stopping notifications from reaching applications that you have not used for a while. You can turn off the adaptive battery feature by going into Settings> the battery> adaptive battery> Deactivate it.
  • Clear cache: It is a process that stores the collected data in a temporary location. This data includes items that you use frequently. So when you clear an app’s cache, it frees up a new memory location and allows notifications to be received again. This is done by opening the settings> Applications> Go to the affected app under All apps> Storage> Clear cache.
  • Enable background data: As the feature to disable background data saves battery power, It may also lead to notifications not appearing on Android phones, So you have to enable background data to avoid this problem. You can do this by going into the settings> Applications> Select the app you want to enable background data> Data usage within the app> Enable background data.
  • Reinstall apps whose notifications are not showing: To fix errors related to the previous update, this is by entering the Google Play Store> My apps and games> Select the app you want to reinstall> uninstall> Then install it again.
Notifications not appearing on Android phones
  • Update your Android system to the latest version: The system update has solved most of the technical problems that the device suffers from. However, any program or system may be subject to errors, and some versions of the update may cause some problems in your device. This can be fixed by updating the system to the latest released version.
  • Wait for a new update for apps whose notifications do not show: If you do not want to update the entire system, you can only update the applications with problems. Then, all you have to do is wait for a new update of the app, as it can fix the errors of the previous version.
  • Factory reset: It is the last solution to solve device problems, including not showing notifications on Android phones because it erases all your data; But it will solve your device problems. So please back up your data to restore it later after a factory reset.

Now that we have these solutions, we hope that the harmony between you and your device will return and the notifications will reappear.

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