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Solutions to address the problem of overheating of the phone while charging

Maintaining the safety of our cellular devices has taken a large part of our concerns due to the benefits it brings to us in the areas of work, social life and the acquisition of unlimited knowledge. The problem of the phone overheating during charging was one of the most common problems affecting our devices because of its negative effects on the device. Which prompted us to search for solutions to this problem.

Disadvantages of overheating the phone while charging

Phone overheating while charging

Exceeding the phone’s temperature from the normal range between 37 and 43 degrees Celsius has bad consequences for the device at the internal level and at the level of its performance, Among the most important of these consequences are:

  • the battery: Overheating may cause the battery to drain due to the fast charging drain. Although the lithium-ion batteries used to power phones are designed with the best engineering methods, But it is easily affected by high temperatures. Also, the fast charging feature found in most modern phones causes the device to overheat, Where the current and voltage are higher when compared to normal charging. Also, charging the phone wirelessly raises its temperature due to the loss of power during the transmission of wireless data.
  • Electronic parts in the phone: The high temperature affects the integrated electronic circuits in the phone, such as the central processing unit (CPU).
  • Strong adhesive: It is the adhesive that keeps the electronic parts together and protects the electronic circuits from dust and water. High temperature will damage the strong adhesive. which exposes the phone to damage, It may also lead to the forced shutdown of the phone, Or a complete breakdown of the CPU.
  • slow charging: The phone reduces the charging current when the temperature is too high.
  • Low volume: The phone has a built-in speaker protection feature that lowers the volume when the phone gets hot.

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Reasons why the phone is overheating while charging and their solutions

Phone overheating while charging

The causes of the problem of overheating of the phone while charging are classified into:

1. Problems in the surrounding environment

  • Place the device in a moderate, well-ventilated environment. away from direct sunlight, Because the device’s internal temperature depends on the temperature of the surrounding environment.
  • remove any phone protection, This is to ensure good ventilation during shipment.
  • Charge the phone on a hard place so that it does not retain heat.
  • Give the phone time to cool down after using it for a long time. This is before you start charging again.

2. Charger problems

  • Make sure to use the charger that came with the phone. Because using an incompatible charger may cause the phone to heat up. Due to the specifications of the charger not compatible with the specifications of the phone. If the original charger is damaged, replace it with another charger from the same company.
  • Check the integrity of the USB cable cord because any malfunction in it may cause the device to overheat due to faulty outlets or weak connections in the charging cord. Among the most common damage, Short cycles are formed between the outputs and connections of the charging cord.

3. Battery problems

Since using your device for a long time drains the battery and this leads to problems, such as heating the phone in general and while charging it in particular, Then you should replace it as soon as possible.

4. Problems due to using the device while charging

Do not use the device while charging, Because its use causes high temperature for the following reasons:

  • Running applications generates heat energy in the parts of the phone, especially the CPU. Also, using the phone while charging will create stress on it. Third-party apps often use features such as mobile data, voice recognition, or video playback. This causes the phone to overheat. So you have to close apps in the background while charging by going to the phone manager and then disable the unnecessary apps to reduce the power consumption of your phone.
  • Delete unnecessary applications on your device that may consume battery power.
  • Update both the applications and the software to the latest version, It is possible that there is a bug in the old version that causes the device to overheat, And also to take advantage of power management improvements and an enhanced user interface. But avoid installing updates while charging, Because installing updates is a process that drains the processor, which raises the phone’s temperature.
  • Using high-quality games quickly consumes the phone’s power and increases its temperature. To make the situation worse, Charge the phone while playing these games.
  • Activate some unnecessary features such as the Internet, Bluetooth, and the location, because using the Internet when the signal is weak leads to an increase in the transmission power and causes the device to overheat, especially when charging. Also, using the site causes the phone to overheat.
  • Playing music raises the temperature of the device when charging, especially when playing music online. Because it requires data transmission and increases power consumption.
  • Making calls while charging increases its transmitting power if the signal is weak, This may cause the device to overheat.
  • Doing multitasking while charging causes the device to overheat, This is because the CPU can only handle some applications. Any additional process can cause many damages, including overheating of the device.
  • Setting the screen to high brightness while charging may cause the device to overheat. Which causes a greater consumption of battery power and causes an additional burden on it. Therefore, it is recommended to use moderate brightness to illuminate the screen.

General summary of solutions to the problem of high temperature of the phone while charging أثناء

Phone overheating while charging

Finally, we can summarize what you need to do to solve the problem of device overheating while charging:

  • Stop apps running in the background.
  • Put the phone in flight mode.
  • Stop using the phone while charging.
  • Lower the screen brightness.
  • Charge it with its designated charger in a well-ventilated place.

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