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The best keyboard software with Haptic haptic feedback technology on iOS devices

iOS smartphones have gained a distinguished position among other smart devices with the features they offer that facilitate the work of users. Among these great features is the keyboard. The default keyboard for iOS phone has impressive features such as text replacement to save time, One-handed mode of use, text customization options, Adding an external keyboard. And not all third-party keyboards are worth competing with the original iOS keyboard. It must have more features and technologies than iOS devices, As a feature of haptic tactile feedback.

Haptic feedback is a technology developed for 3D Touch technology which means the physical interaction of the screen with the user touching it. It depends on the prolonged touch on the screen to produce a slight vibration that enables you to access quick shortcuts in applications, And quickly browse links and images with just a long press on the device screen. In addition to the benefit of developers in the field of games and various applications, The most important thing is to take advantage of it on the keyboard to move between lines while typing in order to help you while you work or play on your iPhone. That’s why we show you the best keyboard software with amazing Haptic touch feedback technology.

Keyboard software with haptic feedback technology Haptic on devices iOS

1. Gboard

The best keyboard software with Haptic Touch Technology تقنية

It is an app from Google that offers a virtual keyboard on Android and iOS devices. It has many amazing features, the most important of which is that it software keyboards with the wonderful Haptic touch feedback technology..

Gboard keyboard features on iOS devices

  1. Gives you a vibration feature while typing on a keyboard Gboard Because it supports haptic feedback technology.
  2. Gboard gives you access to maps, search, and even YouTube, without having to exit the Gboard app and access those apps, Through the built-in Google search, And Google Translate built into the keyboard.
  3. It gives you the ability to type by voice in several languages at the same time.
  4. It offers a built-in search bar feature for emojis.
  5. Gboard has added support for new languages like Mongolian, to the list of its many languages, With a view to wider coverage for users around the world.

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2. SwiftKey

The best keyboard software with Haptic Touch Technology تقنية

It is an application provided by Microsoft Corporation. According to Microsoft statistics, In six years, its users have made 1 trillion keystrokes across 100 languages on its keyboard. This equates to more than 100,000 years of writing time. It is also a keyboard with distinctive Haptic haptic feedback technology.

Features of SwiftKey’s keyboard app on iOS devices

  1. Haptic haptic feedback technology supports those who want to feel vibration in response to their touch on the keyboard while typing or searching. It gives them the possibility to feel a gentle vibration when they open the emoji menu, or when you press and hold on the list of emojis, Or when you activate the Emoji Bomb. Also, this feature is activated automatically without the need to activate it manually. But you can deactivate it manually.
  2. Offers predictive typing feature, You can also put your plugin on predictive text so that SwiftKey learns from you as you type even in slang and emojis.
  3. The ability to keep a secure copy of your most frequently used words, With the ability to sync between all your devices.
  4. It gives you an addable and expandable toolbar menu feature full of quick shortcuts.
  5. SwiftKey supports up to 106 languages on iOS. To cover a wide range of users around the world.
  6. It offers the ability to write in two languages at the same time. This saves time and effort in switching between languages.

3. Grammarly Keyboard

The best keyboard software with Haptic Touch Technology تقنية

A platform to improve English writing, It is considered one of the most prominent linguistic proofing applications. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques. It checks more than 250 grammar rules. Grammarly automatically detects grammar and spelling, punctuation marks, word choice, and typing errors. It also predicts potential problems in the text and suggests context-specific corrections for grammar, spelling, word, and style. and punctuation marks. It is touted as the best proofreader in the world. Ten million daily users benefit from Feedback Grammarly It is also one of the best keyboard software with great Haptic haptic feedback technology.

Features of Grammarly keyboard on iOS devices

  1. Grammarly keyboard supports haptic feedback, You can now feel a gentle vibration as you tap the letter keys when typing.
  2. Grammarly keyboard works seamlessly with all of your iOS device’s apps. Which makes your performance professional while working on your iOS phone, Whatever application you use, whether Facebook or even email programs to correct spelling errors in each of them.
  3. Only supports the English language, But you can choose between American, British, Australian and Canadian.
  4. It has high safety and reliability, It encrypts users’ information in general and sensitive information in particular.
  5. It has the feature to correct sentences in addition to words, It displays the correct coordination of sentences in order to correct them grammatically and spellingly, These corrections and suggestions appear at the top of the keyboard.
  6. The most important feature is the ability to use the application with Word.

iOS smartphones have become an arena for competition between companies in order to provide applications that support the greatest number of features. So we had different keyboard apps with many impressive features including Haptic touch feedback technology, Some of them are free, as we previously reviewed, and some are paid with the aim of fully supporting this feature as applications. Swype And the Nintype and others.

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