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The life span of iPhones until they become unusable and slow?

My personal experience with the shelf life of iPhone mobile devices

I bought my iPhone 4s in 2012 and it was clearly great until 2015. But in 2016, The battery has tired to the point of lasting about 40% of the time it was originally. By 2017, It was only practically usable for conventional calls. It is no longer possible to use any of the most used apps due to their updates by their own companies and their requirements not being met by my iPhone. Things started getting tougher on my mobile when iOS 7 was released. It is one of the major revamps to Apple’s user interface and user experience.

I know that proving the programmed statute of limitations in court is almost impossible, But from my personal experience, I think that this is the truth and even the new iPhone versions are still the same approach, And the Therefore, the life span of the iPhone is 4 years maximum Keep this in mind before making a purchase decision.

in 2018, I finally got a new phone, And this time an Android phone. The seller took my iPhone 4s in advance to get a discount of 200 riyals. I still love Apple products and praise their quality, user experience, appearance, and security. But my Android is still running efficiently and thus its life span is at least two years longer than my iPhone so far.

Expert opinions about the life span of iPhones

I will convey to you the opinions of mobile device experts and I see it as an academic statement similar to what Apple says, and simply the answer is; iPhones Don’t Slow Down and Stay Supported for 6 Years, Here are the Details:

  • iPhones don’t have any life limits, It will continue to operate indefinitely.
  • iPhones get at least 6 years of official OS updates. So if you need the highest level of security protection, He will support you for 6 years.
  • iPhones are designed like Mercedes, So it works just as well when it’s old as it does when it’s new.
  • Old apps stay on the Apple App Store forever so you can get old apps for them at any time and work just as fast today as they were when your device was new.
  • Once you can’t get OS updates for it, Your only challenge is that in the end you will need to use a newer phone with a modern web browser to get the latest security protection or else it is perfectly fine and fast.

I don’t want to impose my personal opinion, but after all my experiences I found a high efficiency in the Samsung Galaxy Note starting from the Note 6 version to the Note 10 version and I will soon buy the new version of the same device Note 21 Ultra and I no longer want to change this series of phones.

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