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The most important causes of slow charging in smartphones and how to avoid them

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Slow charging is one of the most common and annoying smartphone problems. It’s unthinkable to sit around and wait for your phone to charge in hours. This problem may not be seen in new phones. However, with the passage of time, slow shipping becomes a reality that we have to live with without knowing the reasons for its occurrence. But don’t worry; In this article, we will present to you the most important reasons for slow charging in smartphones, And ways to avoid its occurrence.

1. The charging cable may be the cause of the slow charging problem

Slow charging

The charger cable is the first and most common cause of slow charging problem. First of all, worn cable causes it to not conduct power properly. The reasons for its wear may vary. It may be the result of constantly twisting, Or because a cut occurred in the outer part of it as a result of friction with the tables and chairs, Or it might be of a low-quality, easy-to-break type. Or other types of spoilage. Also, do not forget to check the ends and ends of the charger cable as well, as they are the most vulnerable place to damage. Therefore, when any of these faults are noticed, the cable must be replaced immediately.

It may not have any malfunctions. However, the reason may simply be that the cable is not of good quality. Which makes it not conducting electrical energy to the phone quickly and in sufficient quantity. Beware, to purchase the inexpensive charging cable options available in the market or online; The cheap price usually reflects low quality. Always buy the best quality products with good warranty.

2. Check the charger input

Slow charging
Charging Concept.

Small dirt and dust usually accumulate in the charging port of a phone after a certain period of time. These dirt and dust have many sources. But the main ones are the pants pocket and the atmosphere. The accumulation of dirt in the charging port causes slow charging. Dirt may prevent the charging port from properly communicating with the charging port. This weakens the current to reach the phone. Well, you can clean it simply with a small stick or by taking it to a professional.

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3. Let your phone rest a little

Slow charging

Yes, the phone needs a rest, But not because he gets tired like a human. However, using it even while it’s charging will cause slow charging problem. Some people play games while charging their phone, causing the phone to overheat, Which may result Damage to its battery . Therefore, we recommend that you leave your phone unused while it is charging, so that it charges faster and safer.

And add to that, If you can turn off Wi-Fi, Website, and Bluetooth and put it in “Airplane mode”, Or even close it completely, This will cause it to charge in the shortest time possible.

4. The power supply is also accused of slow charging problem

Slow charging
charge the battery phone in car.

Some people charge their phones using other power sources, such as charging the phone through a computer outlet. Or, they may use the wireless charging feature found in some leading phones. And all these examples and the like, Examples of situations where the source of electrical energy is the cause. The best way to charge a phone quickly is to connect the phone with a cable and charger head connected directly to an electrical network outlet at work or home.

5. Check the charger head

Slow charging
Airport public charger and man’s hands with smartphone. Airplane in reflection. Using device in the journey.

After checking all the previous reasons and not finding the reason for slow charging, It must be ensured that the charger head is working efficiently. There may be a malfunction or damage inside, So try another charger head of the same type with similar specifications, To see if it is the problem or not. Also, switching the charging heads when charging your phone can cause voltage, wattage, current, etc. to be confused. This causes slow charging as well.

6. Other causes that should be investigated

Slow charging

There are some other reasons that also cause slow charging issue in smartphones. Which should be taken care not to happen. These reasons are:

  • High or very cold temperatures: The presence of moderate heat ensures that the phone charges quickly. It also protects the phone battery from being damaged due to its sensitivity to heat.
  • Old battery: The old battery is not working as it should be. They lose their quality over time. It is recommended to replace it after two years or more.
  • Old version phone: Old phones generally have slow charging compared to modern phones. Modern phones not only support fast charging, They even come with super fast chargers. Perhaps it is time to buy a new phone.

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