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The most important tips that will help you protect your smartphone from hacking and spying

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Mobile phones of all kinds (Android and iPhone) have become the first place in which we keep all personal information and data in a safe and easy-to-access manner. Such as email and passwords for various accounts and credit cards. This is in addition to the various files that are considered private, such as pictures, messages, phone numbers, and others. All this made phones the first target for hacking and espionage operations, using various methods. The bulk of phone users may not have the expertise to protect their devices. Therefore, we will provide the best protection from spying and penetration of smart phones.

The most important tips to protect your phone from spyware and hacking

Hacking is defined as the method used by the hacker to gain access to your phone and spy on you and steal all or part of your information and data. Therefore, Here are some of the most important tips that will help you protect your phone from hacking, if you follow them:

Phone lock

Locking your phone helps prevent everyone from entering it. Indeed, putting a lock on the phone is one of the obvious measures to protect privacy. Unfortunately, many do not. Modern phones provide many ways to protect a cell phone and keep it out of the hands of hackers. Like a fingerprint, And an eye print, Password, embossing, And the shape of the face.


Bluetooth is a very important communication feature for data transmission. It is of frequent use by everyone. But it is also a weak hotspot and easy to access by other applications. So it is best to turn off bluetooth when you are finished using it. Or make it hidden if it is necessary to use it for a long time.

Open Wi-Fi networks

Avoid completely connecting to passwordless Wi-Fi networks that are often found in public places. The danger of this type of network comes from the possibility that it is just a fake network, and behind it there is a device directed to steal your information, And spying on you.

System and app updates

Update your phone’s system and the apps installed on it every time a new update is available. The concept of updates is not just what some think to add aesthetics and improve overall performance. It is also aimed at correcting errors and closing vulnerabilities that may put you at risk of a breach.

Download apps from the store

Do not download and install applications from unreliable sources, In general, try to use the links on the official websites of the apps to get them, which usually direct you to the official app stores such as Play Store And shop App Store .

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Additional notes and general takeaways

  • There are some points that you should pay attention to while using a smartphone or while browsing the Internet through it, as follows:
  • Choose a strong password for your accounts, consisting of at least 16 characters, and with a wide variety of symbols, numbers, and upper and lowercase letters. This will make guessing your password nearly impossible.
  • Do not unlock the operating systems set by the phone manufacturer. Such as performing the Root operation on Android phones or Jail Breaking on the iPhone. In the event that the protection is unlocked, the applications will be given full permissions on your phone; What could expose him to a lot of malware, That will lead to the complete penetration.
  • Be smart about the hidden ads that intend to hack your phone. For example, do not click on ads that say you won millions, or any such ads. No one distributes money on the Internet for free. Rather, it is one of the fraudulent methods for installing dangerous applications.
  • Before installing any application on your phone, Always make sure of the permissions that it requests on the application page in the Google or Apple store. For example, if you are installing a calculator app, He will not need permission to use a microphone or camera!
  • Log out of apps containing important data when you are finished using them. Especially those through which you access your bank account or any other important accounts.
  • To add more protection to your phone, It is recommended that you install an effective antivirus, And there are a lot of reliable programs like AVG free, Avast, Bitdefender.

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