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Three ways you can watch YouTube without any annoying ads

YouTube has been one of the most important sites that millions of people watch every day since its inception in 2005. In recent years, with the increase in the popularity and importance of the site, the ads on the videos displayed on it have increased. Thus, it became a source of inconvenience to the users of the site, Especially because they had to go to it due to the lack of an alternative with similar content and fewer ads. So everyone is looking for any way to block YouTube ads, Finding a way to block ads has also become a concern of many app developers. And through today’s article, we will review the best ways to block YouTube ads on Android permanently.

Are YouTube ads really that annoying?

Block YouTube ads on Android

It is YouTube’s policy of displaying ads that has led users to this degree of grumbling, Most of the ads on YouTube come in the form of clips that cannot be skipped; That is, you are forced to watch it from start to finish before watching the video. At first these ads were up to 5 seconds long, But now it can last for 15-20 seconds or maybe more. In addition, some advertisements are not appropriate for some age groups or for some societies. Sometimes two ads may be shown in a row, Usually one of these ads is not skippable. As well as the advertisements that fill the site left and right, This is what led to the complaints of many of its pioneers without finding a sympathetic ear by Google, the owner of YouTube, or by the owners of the channels on the site. As we know, more ads mean more profits for both the site and its channel owners. So, if you are annoyed by YouTube ads, keep reading the article to learn about the most important ways to block YouTube ads on Android easily.

The most important ways to block YouTube ads on Android

1. Upgrade your YouTube account to Premium

Block YouTube ads on Android

The site offers a service to its users to get rid of annoying ads, This is done by joining a paid subscription known as Premium. This service provides many other features besides blocking ads, At a price of $12 per month, Such as:

  • Ad-free videos.
  • Freedom to download videos to watch offline.
  • Play videos in the background when using other apps and games, Also when the screen is off.
  • Access to YouTube Music It is the site dedicated to listening to audio videos without watching them.

2. Download the Youtube Vanced app that helps block YouTube ads on Android

Block YouTube ads on Android

It is considered an application Youtube Vanced An unofficial third-party application that is used to block YouTube ads on Android easily, It is an alternative to the YouTube app created to solve the problems faced by the official YouTube app. One of the most important of these problems is the problem of ads that you do not find in the Youtube Vanced app In addition to the ability to keep the videos playing in a mini window on the phone and use other applications, Or even turn off the phone completely while keeping the video playing in the background.

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3. Block YouTube Ads on Android with Ad-Free Browser

Block YouTube ads on Android

One of the ways to watch videos on YouTube without being interrupted by annoying ads, It is the use of browsers that support blocking YouTube ads on Android permanently. Where you can do this by logging in to Official YouTube site And watch videos directly from the browser instead of using the YouTube app. Among the most popular browsers that block YouTube ads on Android are:

  • Free AdBlocker Browser : It is considered one of the best browsers that prevent ads from appearing on Android phones. However, it only works by blocking ads while browsing through it. As it does not work on all browsers and applications unlike previous applications. One of its advantages is that it is freely available on the Google Play Store. It is characterized by speed and smoothness in work, It saves browsing data for reference and use when needed. It also protects you from malicious and untrusted websites.
  • UC Browser : This browser is distinguished by the fact that it works on Android phones and computers, It is also characterized by speed and ad blocking while browsing, It enables you to download videos directly while browsing without the need for special applications. It also provides you with protection from viruses and malware, It protects your device from spyware. It is available for free on the Google Play Store.
  • Opera Mini Browser : Opera browser is more popular than other browsers. This is due to the ability to browse quickly and without ads, This is because it has an automatic ad blocking feature. With the ability to display or hide it. One of its advantages is that it provides privacy and protection for your personal data, It saves your browsing history. You can also download directly from it, It protects your device from spying and tracking. It is available on the Google Play Store.

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