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Top three apps to measure sound intensity on Android devices

The use of mobile phones is not limited only to the basic purpose for which they were made, Which is to make and receive calls. These phones have even provided you with many services and features in almost all aspects of life, Whether through programs automatically installed on them, Or with additional apps that you can install from the App Store. These services include measuring sound intensity and even knowing the level of noise and audio pollution in the middle using Android devices. So today we offer you the best voice intensity measurement apps on Android.

What is decibel?

Before you start listing the list of the best voice intensity measurement apps on Android phones, The concept of decibel must first be explained. Decibel is used to measure the intensity of sound and is symbolized by dB. The intensity of the sound ranges from total silence equivalent to 0 dB to the sound of shots and firecrackers equivalent to 140 dB. Any sound intensity above 85 dB and for up to 8 hours can cause hearing problems that may be permanent, It’s therefore useful to know the intensity of the sound in the middle around you so that we don’t get hurt.

Some voice intensity measurement apps on Android

1. Sound Meter PRO app

Sound intensity measurement applications

Sound Meter PRO is a professional sound gauge for pre-calibrated Android phones. It not only measures the intensity of the sound, but also measures sound pressure, It gives you indications if the medium around you is appropriate or not. This app uses the speaker in your phone to measure noise levels and sound pressure levels, It displays decibel-measured data on a graph of the last 30 seconds of application use, With reference to the equivalent of measured data with noise levels according to the American Academy of Hearing Sciences. Since the app uses the speaker in its work, it only recognizes sound levels below 100 decibels and is calibrated to be accurate in the +-2.5 decibels range.

Sound Meter PRO features

  • You can calibrate the application and adjust its sensitivity manually.
  • Measure the intensity of the sound and vibrations around you.
  • Saves statistics and charts as a CSV document while saving history.

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2. Decibel X app

Sound intensity measurement applications

Decibel X is a high-resolution sound intensity measurement application, It maintains various previously calibrated audio measurements and formats. It also measures the volume in the middle around you. It offers you regular sound pressure charts, And you can sync the app with other devices like your tablet, Each action you do has a simple explanation of what the volume means.

Decibel X features

  • Provides analogue measurements in accuracy that measure true sound intensity.
  • Saves data in the history records list for later use.
  • Statistics and measurements are preserved as a PNG image graph or CSV text document.
  • Niosh and occupational health institute standards are used by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and the OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Department.
  • The saved report can be shared as a photo on social media.
  • Support vertical and horizontal graphs.
  • You can reset and scan the current record at any time.

3. Sound Meter app & Noise Detector

Sound intensity measurement applications

Sound Meter & Noise Detector is similar to other applications in its business principle, It uses your phone’s speaker to measure the intensity of the sound, It also measures sound pressure levels in the middle around you. It is easy to use, It also gives you tips on how to protect your ears if you are in the middle of an annoying. The app can be set up to work in the background of your phone so you will always know your sound levels, Without affecting the battery.

Sound Meter & Noise Detector features

  • Provides you with more comprehensive and accurate sound intensity data at minimum, medium and maximum levels.
  • You can save every action you do in the record where you can review it later.
  • You can save the audio file during measurement.
  • You can set up a warning either by sound or vibration when the volume is higher than the pre-set value.
  • The application must be calibrated before use because speaker performance varies from device to device, You can calibrate according to personal experience or use a real sound intensity meter.

There are many voice intensity measurement applications that are similar in their work to the applications we mentioned, However, most of these applications use the phone’s speaker to measure the intensity of the sound and therefore do not provide sufficient data for high volumes, Specialized sound intensity gauges had to be used if necessary.

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