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What is Game Mode and how is it enabled on Android phones

Electronic games are among the basic and frequently used applications for a large group of smartphone users. Therefore, Android phones were keen to provide the (Gaming Mode) feature to meet the needs and requirements of all players by creating a suitable environment for them to play their games better.

But what is gaming mode?

The world of electronic games is a world in itself and has its considerations and terminology that many professional users master, And who are most concerned with being able to play in an interesting way and share their games with their friends through an environment created in ideal conditions

Perhaps the most annoying thing for players is the interruption of the game for a while, whether by notifications from other applications such as WhatsApp, for example, incoming calls, or other effects resulting from different phone resources, which affect the speed and performance of the game as well.

How to activate the game mode in Android phones?

Some Android phones come pre-configured with game mode, and if your phone does not have this feature, there are a set of applications that you can use to configure the game mode on your phone and to enjoy your games without any annoying effects

Among these applications:

1-gaming mode- the ultimate gaming experience

gaming mode

It is a free application dedicated to configuring your phone with your own circumstances while you are playing a game through a set of settings that you can activate according to the appropriate situation for you, And to save your phone’s resources and allocate them to games only so that you can enjoy games without hindrance

gaming mode features

  • The ability to cancel notifications of other applications on your phone, such as calls or messages, to ensure that you are not disturbed while playing
  • Possibility to exclude a list of applications from which you may be waiting for important notifications
  • Control the brightness of the screen while playing and enable the dark mode as well
  • Save more memory for used games by stopping other apps from working on your phone
  • Put shortcuts on your phone’s main screen to provide easy and quick access to your favorite games
  • There are many additional features that you can get by upgrading from the free version to the pro version

One of the permissions that you can control through gaming mode is also to control turning on or off wifi, Media volume and ringtone control, Block other applications from accessing the Internet, etc.

How to use gaming mode on your Android phone

  • Log in to google play
  • Find and download gaming mode app mode
  • Download or add your favorite games from your phone to the application via the (+) sign.
  • Now activate the settings that suit you during the game mode either by applying the general settings for all games or by customizing specific settings for each game separately as you see fit to your priorities

Then play your favorite game and enjoy your own world away from the influence of other applications

Download the application from the link

2-Game booster apps

gaming mode gaming booster

It is also a group of applications distinguished by many features that give additional options to enable game applications users to have more control over the resources and applications activated on their Android phones, than saving memory for games only, The accuracy of color display, graphics, internet data control, and other features that give players more dynamism and greater control

Game Booster-One Tap Advanced Speed Booster is the most popular, practical and the best among Game booster apps

Download the application from the link

You can also see the 10 best Game booster apps for 2021 and choose the most appropriate ones according to the features supported in them by visiting Link

We mentioned above the importance of the game mode application in Android phones and the auxiliary applications to configure and apply this mode, We leave you the freedom to choose among these applications and rely on the most suitable for you to play your favorite games in your own way and get the best results with the competitors.

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